Tips, and Tricks to Know In 2018

For the first time Whatsapp is come into picture on Jan 2009, After 9 year WhatsApp is now used to deliver 55 billion messages , video ,audio and images each day, among its over one billion users worldwide still the end of Jan 2018. However, in last few year and especially in 2017 after the deal of Whatsapp and Facebook There are bunch of new features that arrived for users in both the platform IOS and Android that made it so much more interesting.

When it lunch in Jan 2009 it was just a messaging app but after 9 year it turn it to multiuse application for your daily routine life. All the listed below new feature made it more than just a messaging app. WhatsApp now lets you allow to send a Picture, video , audit ,doodle its turn it to entertainment app. Its lets you share your live location so it’s a GSP app. There are many sites that let you download whatsapp status videos like and . Its allow you to modify Images and that’s no way basic. You can do audio and video call so its help you a lot. Therefore, along with all the new feature its make it wonder full app. In starting of 2018 whatsapp just introduce new feature which is Payment option in it you can send money to your friend or to your contact via UPI in india. So now it’s a banking app which help you for financial problem. Here’s also recalling five new WhatsApp features introduced this year that give the messaging app a life of its own. In upcoming years it’s expected that Whatsapp will provide your lots of new feature which make your life easier and you didn’t need to install any other app whatsapp will help you for all your daily needs.

Here is the List of Best Feature of whatsapp.

  1. Hide particular contacts from viewing your story
  2. Read messages without being given away by Blue Ticks
  3. Delete message after you have sent them
  4. Auto answer WhatsApp messages
  5. Read deleted messages on WhatsApp
  6. Auto-suggestions for WhatsApp Messages
  7. Schedule WhatsApp messages
  8. Delete images or videos from a particular WhatsApp group or contact
  9. Share Live location (Real Time)
  10. Limit data used by WhatsApp
  11. Assign different priority and sound to different notifications.
  12. Pin conversation or make shortcuts
  13. Hide a WhatsApp chat
  14. Check exactly when a particular person read your Whatsapp message
  15. Mark message and easily find them later
  16. Format WhatsApp Messages: Change font, Bold, italics, strikethrough
  17. 1Transfer files between PC and Phone using WhatsApp
  18. Email your chat conversations
  19. Set Privacy options
  20. Backup data on Google Drive
  21. Change WhatsApp number
  22. Change WhatsApp chat background
  23. Hide WhatsApp media from gallery
  24. Hide notification from lock screen
  25. Make UPI Payments
  26. Send Long Audio Recordings

In my next post I will give you brief introduction of all the feature listed above.