Why Soft Enamel Pins Are The Best Choice

Custom Enamel pins have become a cultural obsession. But what are they?

Custom Enamel Pins are small decorative pins worn on the lapels of jackets or on other different types of clothing. Some people wear them as clothing ornaments, while some others wear them to show that they have an affiliation with a particular organization or group. Enamel pins bring an individual flair to fashion and could spell person’s signature style.

Custom Enamel pins could either be hard or soft. Knowing the difference goes a long way to helping you choose which style you want when having yours created.

Difference Between Hard Enamel And Soft Enamel

Durabilityand texture is what differentiates hard enamel pins from soft enamel pins. One other thing that separates the two is the process of creation, which is highly responsible for the final look and feel of the lapel pin.

Custom Soft enamel pins are the more popular choices than hard enamel pins, although the latter are more durable. Soft enamel pins have a dimensional look to them, while hard enamel pins are a polished look and feel to them.

The reason that soft enamel pins have a dimensional look to them is due to the way the metal stampings are polished and the enamel added.

How Custom Soft Enamel Pins Are Made

Custom Soft enamel pins are also known as embossed enamel pins. The process is very interesting.

You approve a design and a custom die is milled. The die is stamped into a high quality sheet of metal so as to imprint your design on the pin’s surface. The stampings, bearingthe precise outline of your design’s shape are cut out, and the surface is polished the harder grinding wheel or the softer cloth wheeluntil it is shiny and smooth.

Then the custom cut-out lapel pins are electroplated using bright silver, bright gold, antique gold, antique sliver, shining copper or antique copper (whichever the client chooses).To give them a luster finish, these raised metal area surfaces willbe highly polished. Any recessed areas of the pin will be filled with soft enamel paint. This will be done carefully, one at a time, using syringes of multiple sizes.

For between 10 to 15 minutes, the soft enamel pins are exposed to a temperature of 450° from a kiln fire. The enamel dries, is recessed and clings to the edges below the metal die line. Thus, an embossed effect with multi-faceted details is created. The pin now has depth and an almost 3D design.

Why Custom Soft Enamel Pins Are So Popular

There are a few reasons why soft enamel pins have gained so much popularity:

  • To prevent your pin’s color from cracking or fading, an epoxy coating or dome can be added.
  • Custom lapel pins allow for the imprinting of various messages, making embossed lapel pins very flexible as per design and customization.
  • Embossed lapel pins are also very affordable.

Messages That Can BeImprinted On Soft Lapel Pins

Many different messages can be stamped onto soft lapel pins and it depends on the purpose for which the soft enamel pins are being made. Such purposes include:

  • Fundraising;
  • To establish a trending fashion statement;
  • Brand awareness;
  • Personal branding and company branding;
  • To create an emotional connection to a topic or hashtag;
  • Staff recognition.