WhatsApp’s stories hit 450M users, stealing the globe from Snapchat


In the early stage of stories, snapshot was the only place for similar short-time content sharing features and it was known for that type of disappearing content sharing platform. but in the beginning, snapchat limited its reach to the limited region and followed slow growth missing the opportunity to get tons of users worldwide.

Then, Facebook jumped with a new feature that was a clone of the snap chats main feature. instagram, facebook, and WhatsApp all three got story feature that was already having huge audience base. Stories are integrated smoothly with WhatsApp without making it heavy and now people started loving it and using it in daily life. Where spam chat lost the biggest audience base. People now cant thing about to switch to snapshot as they get exact features in the app they are already using from a long and having almost all the contacts on the same platform.

As per WhatsApp, it crossed 450 million daily active users of WhatsApp stories. People download many pictures and videos from internet and share on WhatsApp stories for fun. As it started for sharing daily life moments for a short span, it becomes a very popular feature for sharing interesting videos and feeling by posting songs and short clips.

How are people using story feature in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp story or status which is the clone of snapchat that is used to share daily life with followers. Instead of followers, you can share images and videos with your WhatsApp contacts. there are many people posting daily motivational videos and short clips where some people also posting sad or romantic stories on their timeline. You can download similar videos in different categories from hdvideostatus.in

These post remains 24 hours live and then disappears. You can also see who has seen your video status.

WhatsApp literally snatched the growth opportunity from snapchat with this new feature. as per the q1 snap inc earnings call, they have in total 191 million daily users where if we see the numbers of WhatsApp stories users, it is double with 450 million daily users. WhatsApp status and Instagram stories had 300 million daily users in November and the digital is increasing rapidly.

WhatsApp adding interesting features in regular adding more fun in the life. As after launch of free voice and video call feature, they launched this stories and status. After that, they have launched WhatsApp business for small businesses with interested more handy features. WhatsApp also testing peer-to-peer payment and rolled some test units. it will be soon available for normal users that will let us transfer money.

WhatsApp recently announced that they are testing group video call and stickers that will be released soon. It will add more fun and interesting stuff in daily chat life. there are many apps in the market that are already providing this all features like line, what and hike and it becomes important for WhatsApp to release or give a similar feature to hold the users with changing of time and requirements.

As per reports, more than 2 billion minutes spend per day by users in audio and video calls.and in the coming months, people will be able to make group calls with 4 maximum number of users. And rather just chat with text and emojis, users will be able to use stickers also. Stickers are a fun way to get a conversation.