Pain Management Using The TENS Unit

TENS is an abbreviation for “Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation” and transcutaneous refers to “across the skin”. Thus, the TENS unit stimulates the nerves by using an electric current through the skin of the aching part.

It is a very small and portable battery operated device that offers swift but shortterm relief from pain and is ideal for at home pain management.

How Does A TENS Machine Work?

The TENS unit has some sticky pads called electrodes. You need to attach these pads to your skin at the aching area and switch on the device. The TENS machine sends small electrical impulses to the body that give you a tingling sensation. These impulses help relax the muscles and minimize the pain.

There are two ways in which the TENS unit works to diminish pain:

Sensory Level Stimulation – The TENS unit works on the Gate Control Theory. The electric pulses released by the TENS unit interfere and block pain signals to travel through the body.

Motor Level Stimulation –Regular use of the TENS unit makes the body release its own natural painkillers called “endorphins”. These continue to work even when the TENS machine is turned off.

Does a TENS Unit Genuinely Work?

The TENS machine is very effective in rapid comfort from the body aches but does not offer permanent cure of the pain. The body is reassured only during the time the machine is being used. The relief is short lived and the body part may ache as soon as the TENS unit is switched off.

The TENS machine has varied effects from person to person. These also depend upon the area or condition being treated.For a few, it may be very calming while for others it may not do much.

When To Use A TENS Machine?

The TENS unit has been found to be beneficial in providing comfort for knee pain, neck pain, back pain, arthritis, menstrual pain in women, pelvic pain due to endometriosis and sports injuries as well. It has also proved to be beneficialfor pregnant womenduring labor pain.

However, the TENS unit pads must never be placed on the front or side of your neck, mouth or eyes. It should not be used on numb areas, varicose veins, irritated or infected skin. You must not also use it on your chest and upper back at the same time.

SideEffects Of Tens Unit

The TENS unit treatment is totally safe and there are absolutely no any side-effects.You may use the machine with your existing medical treatments.

However, some people are allergic to pads and the skin may become red or irritated after the first use itself. You must discuss with your physician and switch to special pads available readily in the market for such patients.

You should never use a TENS unit if you have an electrical or medical implant in your body like a pacemaker.The TENS unit is not recommended for use during early pregnancy. You must avoid using it if you have had a heart problem or epilepsy.

A Word Of Caution

You should always use the Tens unit under the guidance of your physician or practitioner. You may cross check with your physiotherapist to be sure that TENS machine shall offer your comfort. You should always read the label and instruction manual and use only as directed by your doctor. Do not forget to adjust the machine settings as per your condition and comfort.


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