How to Get The Best Price on Your Air Ticket

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A popular commercial by one of the hotel integrators talks about how the prices for hotel rooms for the same hotel, same class, and same days can be different for different people. This is absolutely true for hotels and depends on many factors. But the same is also true for air tickets too! Passengers on the same flight and to and from the same destination would have paid different prices. The smartest of them all would have obviously paid the lowest fare. So how to be that smart aleck and pay the least fare possible on your flight? If you are looking at Delhi to Kolkata flights how to book cheap flights from New Delhi to Kolkata Here are some hacks which will help in getting the best prices on flights and saving substantially on your travel expenses.

Hack Number One-Do Your Research

You can never get the best price if you go ahead and book the first flight you think is suitable for you. You need to do your research. Make use of available apps, look for different airlines and the prices. Use aggregators and search engines which will help you zero in on the most economical fare.

Hack Number Two- Offers & Deals

The situation was never better for the traveler. It is the cutthroat market out there and airline companies are fighting it out to get a share of the pie. Hence it is natural that they come up attractive deals and offers to attract more fliers. So be on the lookout for these and avail of them. One can also set up notifications on certain apps which will trigger a notification when the prices drop.

Hack Number Three-It is all about timing

When you do your research you are bound to notice the differences in fares between flights based on taking off and arrival times. The flights that take off or land late in the night or early morning are usually cheaper than the others. This is something that one can capitalize on. Also on some sectors tickets on weekends are bound to be expensive, in such cases plan to travel during weekdays or weeknights.

Hack Number Four-Avoid the Holiday Rush

If you are planning travel during the holiday season be ready to pay exorbitant fares, especially if you have not booked in advance. Tickets are known to double during the peak holiday season. The best thing is to plan travel during the off-season. Tickets are at their lowest prices and everything else also seems to be at normal price levels. Even hotels offer off-season discounts and the whole experience is so much better as the crowds will be less too.

Hack Number Five- Keep a lookout for those dreaded Cookies

When you are searching for the best prices for your air tickets and you are looking at various options. Right beneath your nose, in the shadowy darkness of the operating system, cookies are silently doing a spying job on you, They recognize that you are searching for a particular flight and that information goes back to the server of the site that you are accessing. The site sees this as an increase in demand for the flight and the price is likely to get jacked up!

So how do you get through this system? One way is to keep deleting cookies which are not so convenient. The more convenient and practical thing to do is to go incognito. That means using incognito windows to access the site and look for the most economical flights.

Hack Number Six- Flexibility is the name of the game

If you are ready to fly on any day and at any time, you are more likely to get the cheapest airfare. The more flexible your itinerary is the more economical options you will have. Some apps provide you with information on the cheapest months and you can actually plan to travel during that period.

Hack Number Seven-Take Advantage of Error Pricing

There is something which is known as error pricing. Sometimes system glitches occur and some tickets are available at ridiculously low prices. This is known as error pricing and this does occur with many airlines and not infrequently. Take advantage of this glitch as it lasts as the airlines will get it corrected. There are apps which keep track of these error pricing and notify you of the opportunity. Isn’t that cool!

These hacks are sure to help you get the best prices on air tickets. Follow these hacks and get transformed to that smart aleck who has paid the lowest fare on your next flight. Travel is a pleasure and the pleasure is multiplied manifold when you know that you have one of the best deals under your seat belt. Your spirits soar as your aircraft takes off into the skies. Isn’t that a wonderful feeling?