How to Drive Massive Referral Traffic Using Guest Blogging?

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For those who are unfamiliar with guest blogging might think that it is less attractive. You put so much effort to create a killer content, but then publish it on other people’s blog. It does not make any sense, indeed. But, the question is even though guest blogging seems weird, why famous bloggers such as Neil Patel, Richard Branson, and more are guest blogging? There must be something interesting from guest blogging despite writing for other people’s site.

Many people believe that guest blogging service is effective to improve the site’s traffic as you have the chance to be present in larger relevant audiences. Through guest blogging, you can also establish reputation, authority, and credibility from high-quality content being published in the reputable website. Once you establish those, the readers will automatically head to your site and the cycle continues.

Why should you guest blogging?

As a powerful way to improve website’s traffic and visibility, guest blogging has other benefits which make it a powerful off-page SEO strategy.

  • Boost traffic – the main benefit of guest blogging is it will drive people to your own website because you have won their attention from other people’s blog. If you have the high-quality website, visitors will not hesitate to come back again and again to your website through the link on the guest post.
  • Increase visibility – establishing website visibility is not easy and it is never will. But guest blogging helps increase your site’s visibility in a way other marketing strategies will not. This is because guest blogging is a proof of your credibility and quality. As more people go to your website through the blog post, the website’s visibility will also improve.
  • Build a relationship – posting and commenting on other websites allows you to meet other bloggers and experts in the community. Take this as an opportunity to start a good relationship with influential and expert bloggers.
  • More backlinks – most website owners allow guest blogging with at least one backlink to the blogger’s site. Backlink to the website is one-way search engine ranks a site. The more backlink you get means higher rank in search engine. However, this should not be the only goal because guest blogging is all about the providing high-quality content. Thus, when you include a link to your website, make sure to do it in the right way, so it does not look like spam. Another important factor is the degree of shared posts across the internet.

Driving massive traffic through guest blogging

Guest blogging is a great strategy to drive massive traffic to your website and also a good way to link building. The website authority and visibility will explode. You can achieve those benefits only if the guest blogging is executed in the right way. Here are some steps how to drive massive traffic using guest blogging service.

  •  Find guest blogging – before you start writing content, it will be better if you already know where you will publish it. If not, it is important to find guest blogging opportunities in some websites. Make sure that the websites at least have the same niche as yours or the audiences would be interested in your writing and website. Your purpose of guest blogging is to make audiences read the content; to make them like the content, then thus visiting your site.
  •  Do research – if you have an idea where you want to publish the content, the next step is to do some research. Check if the website has a guideline for guest blogging as you will know whether they receive submission or not. If yes, find out if they have a specific format, content type, and other specific conditions. Besides, it is also important to do some research on the potential topic which appealing to the blog owner as well as good enough to draw people to your own site.
  • Write great content – there is no shortcut to guest blogging than write a great content. Follow the guest post guidelines provided and make sure it is informative and valuable for the readers. If you have written some contents elsewhere, make sure to create a new one and do not re-submit post that has published. Even though the main purpose of the guest post is to get the backlink, but do not be obvious that you are promoting your website. The content should be informative and valuable with a catchy headline to grab readers’ attention.
  •  Do not afraid to pitch – the thing about guest blogging service is to reach out the blog owners. For some people, it may seem like when you are sending out a job application. But fear not, you have to take the step or you will lose the opportunity. Write a good pitch and tell them that you want to write for the website but do not over-praise the site. Send out your pitch according to the requirements of the website. If you get rejected, try again and make sure not to repeat the same mistake. How Guest Posting in High Domain Authority Sites Helps for Ranking?
  •  See other guest bloggers’ work – even though you have read the guidelines but sometimes you just need to see the actual contents. You can do a little research to see other guest bloggers’ work and compare it to your own. No, you do not need to copy their work; you just need to make content at least as great as theirs.
  • Do not forget backlink – when a website with higher authority links to your website, the search engine will consider that your site is important and results in a ranking boost to your site. So, how can you get bigger website links to yours? There is one good way that we know as guest blogging.
  • Promote, promote, and promote – be proud of yourself if your guest post is published. But, the journey does not end yet; you have to be actively promoting the content and make sure that it gets lots of engagement, traffic, and shares. You can optimize social media accounts to promote the content. Promoting the content is also a good way to show to the site’s owner that they have made a great decision in publishing your content.

We all know that theories will always look easier than the practice. That is why it is now your turn to send out your pitch and start guest blogging.