Dr Ashish Dutta Speaking On Various Acne Treatments

If you are suffering from acne and looking for some permanent treatment, then here are some treatments Dr Ashish Dutta is talking on which will help you.

Dr Ashish Dutta who is also known as Dr Ash Dutta is one of the few highly trained and accredited surgeons in the UK. He is the Founder of Aesthetic Beauty Centre, a highly equipped cosmetic clinic in London, Sunderland, Newcastle and Liverpool. Read on so that you can get all your doubts addressed.

What is acne?

Acne is an inflammatory skin condition that affects the hair follicles. Each pore on the skin is connected to a hair follicle that sprouts up like a pimple when the pore gets blocked with oil, sebum or dead skin cells. The hair follicles can also get affected due to the changes in hormones or due to other genetic developments. Acne can appear on the skin in the form of pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, cysts or nodules. Acne signs and symptoms vary in every individual and different people might develop different forms of acne as compared to the others.

What causes acne?

Hormonal changes are the most common causes of acne. Other factors might include stress, lifestyle, diet, cosmetics, medication, skin hygiene and the like. Some of these factors, if not the basic cause of acne, might aggravate it in some ways. Both the causes and the symptoms of acne may differ in every individual and there is no one restrictive cause associated with acne.

How many people are affected by acne and who is most likely to develop acne?

Acne is a very common skin condition, so much so that it affects about 80%-90% of the general population at some stage in life or the other. It can affect people of all ages but teenagers are most likely to develop acne owing to the hormonal changes their bodies are going through also because the sebaceous glands activate during puberty which might result in causing acne and related issues.

What areas can be affected by acne?

As stated, acne affects every individual differently so people might develop acne in different areas of the body. Acne affected areas are most commonly the ones that have a comparatively greater production of oil due to the presence of a larger number of oil glands such as the face, neck, back, chest as well as shoulders.

Why is it necessary to treat acne?

Acne might be a common problem that most people go through at different stages in their lives, it is also not okay to ignore it as an issue. Prolonged acne might often leave behind scars that can affect a person in more ways than one. Apart from the physical factors, acne can also have an impact on the mental health of an individual. Acne is known to cause anxiety and people with acne are at a risk of having low self-esteem. The treatment of acne at the right time becomes extremely important if one wishes to avoid the physical as well as psychological risks associated with it.

What are some of the treatments available?

The treatments available for acne differ in terms of the cause of the acne. People could be affected by the adolescent-onset acne, the adult-onset acne, medication or disease associated acne. The general practitioners prescribe antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide and contraceptive pills might work for adolescent girls for hormone modifications. There is also the option of treatments such as the laser treatment or the UV treatment and in certain cases, the photodynamic therapy (PDT)

What are the treatments that the Aesthetic Beauty Centre provide for acne?

At the Aesthetic Beauty Centre, we normally begin with the acid peels- the trichloroacetic acid peel and the salicylic acid peel. We then move on to the laser therapy, UV therapy, particularly the blue light and the luster.
For very serious cases of acne, we use the aminolevulinic acid (ALA) induced photodynamic therapy.

Since acne is not caused by one particular reason and is not caused in one particular pattern, neither does it display fixed symptoms, it is therefore essential to get each individual case examined and not go for any generic treatment or procedure. Ultimately how we live plays a very important role and ought to be given the same importance as genetic factors.

You can get a consultation session booked at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre so that you can be provided with the best and the most suitable service considering your individual requirements. Get your consultation session booked today and feel the joy of having healthy skin and a  clear complexion.

The Author Dr Ash Dutta, Founder of Aesthetic Beauty Centre,  is one of the few highly trained and accredited surgeons in the UK. You can follow him on Facebook, Vimeo, LinkedIn & Twitter.