In recent times, online shopping has become the trend. Gone were the days, when you have to go to the bank to withdraw the amount and then make the payment. At present, you can login to your bank account and directly make the transfer within few minutes. Also, you can select the favorite clothes online and order them to be delivered to your doorstep.

While the action of transferring money and funds has numerous advantages, evil is always around the corner. Every other day, you get information on hacking – right from stealing money to breaches of data. But what is hacking? What are its different types? You can gain valuable information through this article.

What Is Hacking?

Hacking is defined as the identification of weaknesses in various computer systems/networks and gain access. The best example will be to use password cracking algorithm and gain unauthorized access to a personal laptop.

In every business, usage of computers has become mandatory. And the computer cannot be isolated. So they have to be logged to the internet for establishing communication with the business world. Inevitably, your PC gets exposed to the hacking experts. Let us say, you have two businesses. The first company provides TV repair services in Hyderabad right at the customer’s doorstep. You also run an online stock exchange where you trade thousands of rupees every month. Now for the second business, since you deal with another individual’s money, you have to put a secure online payment system.

Although hackers are generally computer experts in programming languages and computer security, all of them do not steal or indulge in nefarious negative activities.

The various types of hackers are –


Ethical Hacker or White Hat –

A hacker authorized by the company or an individual to gain access to system/systems for identifying the weaknesses for the security breach. In addition, they will also conduct penetration testing as well vulnerability assessments.

Cracker or Black Hat –

This type of hacker will make use of his/her computer knowledge to enter illegally into computer systems for stealing of data, transfer of funds and for other negative activities.

These hackers have the ability to cause major damage to individual computers as well large organizations. It is not that these hackers tend to be old people with decades of experience. They can also be teenagers who are expert at spreading computer virus and getting knowledge of personal information through keystroke monitoring programs.

Grey Hat –

These types of hackers are in the middle of black hat and ethical hackers. They operate for the benefit of the organization but violate the standards of ethical hacking to identify weaknesses in security. They can also perform checks on free technological tools and suggest the vulnerability to the concerned organization to fix the problem.

Script Kiddies –

These types of persons gain access to a system by using the available tools. The term is derogatory and used to refer to the person who rejects the ethical principles of hacking. They do not follow the regular procedures and gain knowledge in a faster way.

However, some script kiddies deface websites and can cause damage. In short, they learn the skills not for gaining knowledge or to make a career but to brag about their importance. But unlike professional hackers, they get easily caught and sentenced to punishment.

 This type uses the knowledge to send religious, social and political messages. They perform their work by hijacking the other organization websites. They leave their message on the attacked website. In other words, they try to bring attention to a social or political cause.

What are the various techniques used by hackers?

  • KeyLogger
  • Denial of Service
  • WaterHole Attacks
  • Fake Wap (Wireless Access Point)
  • Passive Attacks
  • Phishing
  • Virus/Trojans
  • ClickJacking Attacks
  • Cookie Theft
  • Bait and Switch

There are some more, but the article has given only the important techniques. They will be dealt in the next article. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to know more details on hacking.

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