Tourist Places To Visit In Srinagar


Srinagar is one of the finest places for holidays if you love to get close to nature.  Being the largest city of the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, the summer capital has to offer much more than scenic beauty and cultural heritage.  This city is popular among tourists from different parts of the world and India itself due to is natural beautification, gardens, water bodies, and last but not least houseboats.  There is a variety of places to visit in Srinagar and today we will be discussing six of them in a gist which are as follows.


The first thing that comes to mind when we speak of Srinagar is Dal Lake.  It has an area span of around 26 sq.kms and very much popular for its photogenic views and jaw-dropping scenic beauties.  Considered rightly as “paradise on earth”, this can be truly a lifetime experience for a tourist indeed.  Entry fee is free here and one can spend quality time here throughout the day.  The colorful Shikharas is the most common site here along with the floating market.  This hillside lake has many tourists visiting on a regular basis and truly represents Srinagar itself. You can get great discount on ticket booking online using Akbar Travels coupons.


Situated around six kilometers away from the city Centre, the Mughal Gardens in Srinagar is no less in its beauty when compared to Dal Lake.  With a beauty of its own, the gardens comprise of Nishat Bagh, Chashme Shahi, Shalimar Bagh, Achabal, Verinag Garden and Pari Mahal.  This garden is dedicated to the great Emperor Jahangir who brought this dream project of his to reality.  This Persian architecture can be witnessed from 9 am to 7 pm on a daily basis with an entry fee of twenty Indian rupees for adults and ten Indian rupees for minors.  It takes around one to two hours on average to cover up the garden.


If you are a keen lover of different types of flowers especially Tulip then this place is the best place for you to be in.  Here you can witness some of the most stunning lineups of Tulip cultivated which consist of different shades of color providing excellent scenic beauty that is hard to experience.  This garden is around eight kilometers away from the main city and needs around two to three hours of time for the visitors to complete the scenes.  For the tourist, a minimal amount of Fifty rupees is charged as an entry fee for individuals.  So next time you plan to visit Srinagar, this garden is a must for you to visit.


Named under the great saint and reformer of Hindu religion, The Shankaracharya Temple is situated on the Gopadari Hills on the south-east of Srinagar.  At the height of 1,100 feet above the sea level, this template is purely a work of excellent construction dedicated to Lord Shiva.  Every day, this temple is visited by flocks of tourists and locals who offer their devotion to the great saint.  Embedded with pure divinity, The Shankaracharya Temple is a blissful solitude that one can experience spontaneously while visiting the temple.  It takes around two to three hours of time to visit the temple and remains open from 7 am to 8 pm.


A very popular name in Srinagar, this city in Jammu and Kashmir is a perfect example of natural beauty embedded with hilly roads passing through the banks of the River Jhelum.  If you are a keen lover of scenic landscape then this is the best place in Srinagar for you to be in.  Different other places including Gulmarg, Wular Lake, Khilanmarg, are few sights of interest that can truly bring joy to tourists visiting here from around the globe.  You will be thrilled with Buddhist stupas and religious monasteries that are major sightseeing places here.  So next time you plan to visit Srinagar please do visit this place. Also, you can apply for various Travel Consultant Jobs to know about this field.


This place can be termed as the gathering place of all the tourists who halt here for rest and refreshment.  Set in the backdrop of the Dal Lake, you will find different types of stalls selling local items along with quality food from kebabs to veggies of your choices.

So next time you plan to visit Srinagar please visit the above-mentioned places along with different another place of interest which can really make you fell in love with this place.

Wishing you a happy journey.