Top 9 Frameworks Developers Are Using for AR App Development in 2020

Top 9 Frameworks Developers Are Using for AR App Development in 2020

Gone are the days when the augmented reality was only considered as entertainment technology. At present, AR has entered into almost every field, including eCommerce, Retail, Gaming, Industrial & Medical Procedures, and Marketing & Advertising. Businesses are using AR to deliver real-life experiences to their customers. The growing use of AR has increased the demand for AR app development.

If you, too, want to develop an AR-based application, then this article is for you. Here, we have provided a list of the best AR frameworks that are using by mobile app development company. Check them out below:

9 Best Frameworks AR App Development

  1. Unity 3D
  2. iOS ARKit
  3. Kudan
  4. Vuforia
  5. Unreal Engine
  6. ARCore
  7. Easy AR
  8. Wikitude
  9. ARTookit+

Let’s read them in detail:

Unity 3D

No matter if you are an independent developer or are a full-stack AR app developer, Unity 3D is for everyone. It is the most preferred gaming engine used for developing AR-based gaming applications.

This doesn’t mean Unity 3D cannot be used for developing mobile AR and cinematic AR. The gaming engine has a built-in asset store and a huge marketplace for the scripts. It also allows developers to create fully-functional mobile applications without even writing a single line of code.


Wikitude is considered as one of the vast AR software development kits that offer highly interactive features like cloud integration and an in-built studio for app deployment. It was primarily used to develop location-based AR apps.


It is Apple’s in-house framework that has been designed to create AR-based applications specifically for the iOS devices. The framework accesses the iPhone’s camera to create and deliver unmatchable visual AR experiences. Giphy Word and Smash Tanks are the two popular AR applications that have been developed using iOS ARKit.


Kudan together with xlSoft provides a software development kit to create marker as well as markerless AR applications. You can download Kudan for particular developers; however, small- and medium-sized businesses have to pay for its license. Kudan AR has been used for developing Nippon’s 24 Hour Television Mixed Reality app.


This SDK is mainly used to create augmented reality mobile apps for enterprises or industries. Vuforia comprises of different target types, including an addressable Fiducial Marker. Besides this, it also includes image targets.

Vuforia’s application programming interface can be used to develop applications using popular programming languages such as Objective-C++, Java, and C++. Star Wars and Rabenity 2.0 are the two popular mobile applications that have been developed using this SDK.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine needs no introduction. This popular gaming engine has been used to develop famous games like Ghost Recon and Star Trek. Unreal Engine allows developers to purchase assets, blueprints, and environments to facilitate smooth and hassle-free development.

The gaming engine has vast documentation to develop and deliver highly immersive visual experiences through the augmented reality mobile applications.


ARCore was developed after the Project Tango. This software development kit can be used for developing cross-platform AR applications for both the Android and iOS platforms. It comes up with a vast collection of application programming interfaces to facilitate easy integration with Unreal Engine, Java, Unity 3D, Android NDK, Java, and other technologies.

Using this SDK, developers can build an AR-based app for multiple platforms using a single codebase. Mole Catch and Measure are the two applications that have been developed using ARCore.

Easy AR

Looking out for a free alternative to Vuforia? Well, Easy AR is the right choice. The framework or SDK can be used for developing an AR-based application for multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.). It includes 3D object tracking with cloud integration, smart glass solution, planner image tracking, and a variety of other exciting features. Top companies like Vogue, PepsiCo, and more are using Easy AR solutions in their applications.


ARToolkit+ is one of the oldest AR development frameworks that come up with OpenGL ES2.X support, automatic camera calibration utilities, OpenCV support, GPS integration, and various other features. It also includes Unity3D integration and was primarily released by the University of Washington.

Now, if you are looking out for the 3D modeling services or an AR app development, then reach out to a reliable and experienced AR development company today!

Final Words

Augmented Reality is one of the emerging technologies businesses are using for mobile app development. It is estimated that the market size of the AR will reach USD 165.32 billion by 2022. For developing an augmented reality-based application, there are many popular frameworks. In this article, we have covered the best nine of them. Give it a read to know the same in detail.

On the contrary, if you want to develop an AR-enabled mobile app, then contact an AR development company right away. You can also hire AR developers for your mobile app development project. Make sure you choose the right and experienced company to get the best of your money.

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