Tips for traveling to Stockholm

1- The first of the tips for traveling to Stockholm that we will give you is the option of acquiring the Stockholm Card, a card with which you can visit more than 75 museums and attractions in Stockholm, as we explained and expanded the information in the post that We publish the first day we spent in Stockholm.

2- Apart from those that can be found at the Stockholm Tourist Office, we must bear in mind that in Stockholm we will find free maps in many parts of the city, even on the street. Something that is very useful for Local Movers us in the city.

3- Whatever the time, we were in the middle of July, think that the weather in Stockholm is much colder than we are used to. If you look at some web of the time and you see that the temperatures are of 15-19 degrees of maximum, think that the best thing is to take a closed jacket and shoe. You will not regret it.

4- Tickets are checked on the tram and on any public transport, so do not risk try your luck. If you purchased the Stockholm Card, take advantage of the fact that transportation is free with it.

5- In Stockholm practically, everything can be paid by credit card. And if you want to take something lose you have the possibility of not withdrawing money from an ATM and paying the corresponding commission from your bank. You can buy something in euros and ask them to give you the change in crowns.

6- If there is something important in any trip, it is to make it safe. For that, nothing better than doing it with good travel insurance.

We always travel insured with Mondo, with whom we carry insurance fully adequate to the needs that we will have on the trip.

The hiring process is very easy and intuitive and also, just for being a reader of Street Travelers, you have a 5% discount.

Restaurants in Stockholm

1- In Stockholm the tap water can be drunk. So, do not forget to refill your bottle at the hotel tap or ask for the restaurant. You will save some good euros.

2- We recommend a restaurant in Gamla Stan, the Stockholms Gastabud, located on Osterlanggatan Street, 7. We ordered a dish of Swedish meatballs or kotbullar and a plate of grilled salmon plus a couple of waters for 357 crowns. Delicious food and an atmosphere of 10

3- Do not stop trying the elk meat. We did not do it in the most usual way, but we have to say that we both liked it a lot. The first was at a Skansen beach bar, where we tasted it inside a pancake, with sauce. Very good! The pancake with elk meat and potatoes and a sandwich plus a couple of waters for 170 crowns.

4- The second time we tried it in the form of sushi, in the Sushi Yama restaurant, in the Central Station of Stockholm, where we ordered 3 trays of makis for 31 crowns.

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