Rakhi’s That Stand Out In A Crowd

Rakhi Gifts

Rakhi’s have been around for a long time. Every year, we think to ourselves, we’ve surely seen them all. Yet, every now and then, you see someone wearing a Rakhi with a design you’ve never seen before. Sometimes, the design might be the same, but the materials used might be different.

The sheer number of permutations and combinations available ensures no one person will be able to see all Rakhi designs within their lifetime. The number of Rakhi’s and Rakhi gifts online is now higher than ever. As a result, we now have access to more variety than one can comprehend. So, I decided to give a shout out to my personal favorite Rakhi’s that you may have seen before but are currently trending and will definitely turn heads.

So, without further a due, let’s take a look at these unique Rakhi’s and designs

Lumba Rakhi / Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi’s
You’ve probably seen these before, but that doesn’t make them any less special or unique. Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi’s as you may imagine, consist of a pair of Rakhi’s. The “bhaiya” Rakhi, is rather normal looking when compared to the “Bhabhi” Rakhi, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Ofcourse, you can find these “bhaiya” Rakhi’s in some pretty unique designs too, but it’s the “Bhabhi” Rakhi that really stands out. This “Bhabhi” Rakhi, is more commonly referred to as a “Lumba Rakhi”. This style of Rakhi has been designed to hang off bangles. This gives it a completely unique look. Plus, gifting these Rakhi’s to your brother’s sister is a gesture that say’s “Welcome to the family”. One could say it’s a form of acceptance. So not only is this style of Rakhi a head turner, it’s also a symbol of unity.

Zardosi Rakhi’s
Another hugely popular trend in Rakhi’s, Zardosi Rakhi’s are all about the embroidery. You might be thinking, “don’t all Rakhi’s have embroidery?”. Well yes but technically it’s a whole other ball game.

Zardosi Rakhi’s are made using metallic bullion threads, French wires and metallic spring threads. These threads come in the auspicious colors of silver and gold. The metallic nature of these threads only helps add to the overall appeal of these. This style of embroidery originates from Persia and was previously only reserved for the royal families of India and other Asian countries. This was because at that time, these threads were made from real gold. While you can still buy such Rakhi’s, you really don’t need to as the “plain” zardozi Rakhi’s are easily stunning enough.

Silver And Gold Coin Rakhi’s
While zardozi Rakhi’s are made using metallic threads that mimic the hues of gold and silver, these Rakhi’s are the real deal. You may know how auspicious real gold and silver are in our culture. This means that almost everything with religious or cultural significance can be bought in real gold or real silver. This trend is also alive and well in the world of online Rakhi gifts.

One can buy stunning gold or silver coin Rakhi’s that are not only auspicious in nature, but stunning to look at too. They come with the traditional embroidery accompanied by gold/silver coins as the center pieces. This ensures the beauty of your Rakhi is accompanied by auspicious energy that comes with gold and silver.

So, keep these 3 unique styles in mind while choosing a Rakhi for your brother. Other Rakhi’s are stunning too in their own right, but nothing will turn heads quite like these.