Positive & Negative Side Effects of Technology: How to Deal with Both

Positive & Negative Side Effects of Technology

This is the most accepted fact that technology is the foremost need of today’s world. Nowadays there is not a single home that is left with the influence of technology. Almost every family has a laptop, smartphone, Wi-Fi, Tablet, Computer, and television. Without any doubt, these technologies have made our lives easier. On the other hand, there are the bulk of studies that have revealed that there is the serious threat of technology in our lives. In addition to this, several studies have revealed that the social, physical and mental condition suffers on the wide range by the excessive of technology.

Positive effects of technology

In spite of the disadvantages and the dangers of technology, there are several advantages of this revolution on the life modern person. Technology is actively used in communication, transport, education, medical and others. All in all, technology have made the life simple to simpler.

Now let’s throws the light on some amazing benefits of the technology;


Before the advent of the technology people used to be in touch with the help of writing long letters. At that time, a single chat was a serious problem. Since people need to travel long distances for this purpose. However, with the help of modern technology, this problem had been resolved to a greater extent. Nowadays communication is possible within a nanosecond.

Access to information

Nowadays, with the help of technology access to information is quite easy. Moreover, with the help of the internet, easy access to public libraries is quite easy. With the help of the internet, various problems have been resolved that are linked with medical treatment as well. In addition to this internet have proved itself very effective in searching job for individuals. Infact the advent of technology has vanished the unemployment from the nations to a greater extent.

Medical technology

This is the UN denying fact that technology has completely revolutionized the world of medical science. Nowadays with the advent of the internet, not a single disease is a problem for the physicians. All in all, with this innovation the utmost treatment is given to the people.

Negative effects of the technology

Now let’s see the ample of negative effects of the technology, that have vastly influence ours and especially our children’s life;

Social skills

This has been observed that excessive use of technology has destroyed the social skills of our children primarily. Kids usually have chats on social media apps rather than live communications with them. Hence social isolation has snatched the real essence of childhood from our children also it causes them to be addicted to the screen.



No doubt that the internet is a great tool for learning from the past decade. But where there is a boom there is the ban. Overuse of technology has distracted our children from their regular schooling. Not only this technology has also affected the critical thinking of our youth vastly in a negative way. Instead of regular reading, our modern kids have indulged themselves in the entertainment.

Physical effects

Obesity is ranked as the number one danger of the excessive use of technology. After being pathetically captured by the laptops people hardly found time for physical exercise. This is the fact that has been proved medically that more you sit in front of the PC the lesser your blood will circulate. Even the poor eyesight is the main set back of excessive technological use.

Security and Privacy

This is the most observed fact that if the technology is misused then it can be exposed to several risks. Usually, the kids are vulnerable. Since one out of every three teenagers has been captured by the serious threats of Cyberbullying. Usually, the offenders commonly used social media apps, text messages, and forums to reach the targeted person.

How to deal with both the effects of technology?

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