How Ayurveda can pep up your memory levels and boast your mind?

Ayurvedic treatment for poor memory

Summer is about to end with raining season looming at the backdrop. This is an apt time to consider new beginnings.  Come this June end you might be exploring lot of options on your personal and professional frontiers. With numerous mental challenges ahead, Ayurvedic treatment for poor memory could be of considerable help. The benefit of Ayurveda is that it helps you to be sharp, focussed and clear. Let us now explore some tips on how Ayurveda can help to pep up your memory and mind this rainy season

Evaluate the season

Once summer makes an entry into rainy season we enter Vata season. The weather is a lot cooler and you might witness Vata related symptoms in the form dry skin, cold feet etc. Fall is the time where you could be prone to digestive issues and brain fog. At this point of time you might feel the urge to have warmer foods well cooked and easy to digest. A suggestion is to eat cooked foods and keep away from raw foods as they are easy to digest. During this tenure soups are a great option.

Sufficient sleep

To be rested is important, all the more so during Vata season. One of the areas that people end up overlooking is lack of sufficient sleep and going to bed early is important. This reduces Vata and if you go to bed late it aggravates the cause of Vata. This would be a hindrance with digestion and alters the balance of Vata paving way for neurological disorders.

Prime the system

Before opting for any herbs for maximum absorption you need to strengthen your digestive system. If toxins are accumulated in the system it paves way for weak digestion. Ama present is going to clog various channels in the body and out of them one is responsible for mental function. The pathways have to be cleared so that nothing obstructs the passage of the brain. A step by step guide is really important for setting up the toner as it can lead to proper digestion. Ayurvedic oil for the mind and money is a vital cog in the wheel.

Avoid the night time snacks

In certain cases light time snacks could be important for cramming sessions and even late night work. Ayurveda is of the opinion that you should not eat anything even if you are up at night. This might sound a bit silly, as pour some ghee into hot milk even if you happen to be hungry at night. Ghee even consumption of a small amount can fuel Agni which is the digestive fire of your gut. At the same time ghee is nourishing to the brain.

A visit to the Vaidya

A visit to the local Vaidya would help you for a perfect tune up. This is if you are considering incorporating Ayurveda herbs into the regime.

The following tips would enable you to be mentally alert and stay on top of the game