Here Is The Pros And Con Of Having Work Experience Before MBA

Before MBA

When we are talking about MBA, the first thing that we have got to do here is to know what MBA is. MBA or Masters of Business Administration is a post-graduation program that prepares for the Business world. You become more conceptual, theoretical and practical. You are able to handle various aspects of economics, basic accounting, operations marketing, corporate finance and many more.

For pursuing MBA, you need to have you CAT or other related exam score ready. A good CAT score will definitely put you into a good college for your MBA. The confusion lies in the part where you don’t know the right time to attempt these exams or you are confused whether you should pursue MBA right after completing your graduation or is work experience necessary for MBA before you attempt CAT or any other exams. To be honest neither of them is a bad choice but of course these two options have got its pros and cons which is discussed in detail here.

The common confusion

Be it a fresher or a student who is in his final year, he is most likely to get confused whether he should attempt CAT right after completing his graduation or gain some work experience before doing so before pursuing his MBA. Many of them believes that pursuing MBA right after finishing college benefits them because according to them, aspiring MBA students would get their degrees at a more convenient point in their life and without bringing any financial burden that is needed to go back to school at a much later point in their life.

While on the other hand, some of them argue that it is beneficial to gain some work experience before pursuing MBA. ‘Is work experience necessary for MBAis indeed a debatable point. It is because according to them MBA falls under a much bigger and broader tent. Entering an MBA program as a young fellow just completing his college may have to struggle more than the one who enters the same after having accomplished academically and professionally both.

The pros and cons

Here are the pros and cons of both the points which you should consider before making a decision.

  • Taking the MBA program right after college may place you in the lower or the middle management position of the job whereas if you take it after gaining some experience you may be placed in the middle or the upper middle management level.
  • If you start your career in MBA as a fresher than you are more likely to be earning more and also you will be professionally better than after few years than the ones who took up a job before taking the MBA.
  • With work experience at hand, you will understand the principle of management better than a fresher.
  • You will save some money from your job and you don’t have to stay dependent on your family for the expenses of the two years course.

So, it is completely your choice whether you should take MBA as fresher or have some work experience.