Pain Management Using The TENS Unit

TENS is an abbreviation for “Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation” and transcutaneous refers to “across the skin”. Thus, the TENS unit stimulates the nerves by using an electric current through the skin of the aching part.

It is a very small and portable battery operated device that offers

Muscular Complications

myositis Ossificans

My ositis Ossificans: This is a serious but rare complication. There is ossification of muscles because of injury. Pathological changes take place only in the connective tissue around the muscles but the muscle fibres remain free from this process of ossification.

Nature of Development: Direct trauma, fracture

What Happen If You Eat Too Many Cough Drops?

Cough drops are so common over-the-counter medication that there is some concern about the cough drop’s dependence. So what happens if you eat too many cough drops? Let’s find it out. Introduction At any time, cough causes uncomfortable and bothering feeling for everyone. That’s

Top 5 Apps and Resources to Learn American Sign Language

American Sign Language (ASL) is a hearty visual language which utilizes the shape, position and development of the hands together with the body development and facial expressions to communicate. Individuals of every single hearing capacity can utilize ASL including Deaf people group, Parents of deaf people and teachers. ASL is

When Is the Time Right in Heading to an ENT Specialist?


ENT refers to Ears, nose along with throat. In medical terms, they are also referred to as otolaryngologists. They go on to receive special treatment of health for surgical and medical disorders that goes on to affect the eyes, nose, and throat. A

Guide to Buy a Perfect Treadmill


What is a Treadmill?

The treadmill is one of the most popular exercise machines or equipment used in gyms and homes today. The machine allows the user to run or walk at one place by providing a moving platform with a broad conveyor belt which is driven

The Uses of Genetic DNA Testing

Genetic Testing or DNA testing is a fairly recent development because of advances in scientific knowledge that has many and varied uses including paternity testing, testing for various genetic diseases during pregnancy, or for forensic investigations. The First use of genetic testing is known as paternity testing and can be used