Do you know how to apply for Canada pr from the USA?

Apply for Canada pr from the USA

Americans don’t need to be Canada visa for traveling or education purpose. If you are an American than you can visit Canada without any special permission. But if you want to go for a purpose like a job, business or study than you need the visa.

Before applying for the visa you have to check you are eligible or not. IRCC has a tool on their website named as Come to Canada wizard. It takes about 10 minutes to fill out and it will give all the information about which program is better for you and you are eligible or not.
how to immigrate to Canada from the USA
Canada has various programs for those Americans who want to immigrate to Canada. For economy candidates, a very popular program is the express entry. One of the following programs can be relevant to you.
• The Federal Skilled Worker Class;
• The Canadian Experience Class or
• The Federal Skilled Trades Class.
Through express entry, you have to clear a score based test and after that IRCC draw the name of the applicants who cleared the test.
Immigration to Canada from the USA using NAFTA
Americans apply through NAFTA. It has following categories:
1. NAFTA Professional
Candidates in this category must meet the following criteria:
• Qualified in one of the targeted professions (including accountants, architects, engineers, lawyers, teachers, medical and scientific staff).
• Must have pre-arranged work in one of these fields.
• Self-employed work is not eligible.
2. NAFTA Intra-Company Transfers
The staff of an American company can transfer to a Canadian branch of the firm. The following requirements apply:
• Must have been in continuous employment at the firm for at least one of the last three years.
• Must be employed by the company when applying.
• Must work in a specialized or managerial role.
3. NAFTA Traders and Investors
This is for those who are going to invest in a Canadian business or seeking immigration to Canada from the USA or Mexico to grow their business.
Under Express Entry changes in November 2016, the work permit holders under NAFTA may be eligible for bonus points in their permanent residency candidacy.
Immigration to Canada from the USA as a recent graduate
If you have been enrolled in a full-time, post-secondary educational program in the past year, you can receive an open work permit for Canada.
Note that the permits, issued under the SWAP Working Holidays program only last for 12 months. They are only available for the candidates of age group 18 to 35.
For more details, you can contact the immigration department. You will find an abundance of guidelines, process details and very helpful forum member to answer your concern. I found that very useful!
Tip: Irrespective of using a consultant or not, you have to complete these two requirements without any delays as they can take time:
• IELTS – English Language Proficiency Test
• ECA – Educational Credential Assessment

Canadian pr working in USA

A Canadian citizen may visit the U.S.A for up to six months within a 12 month period without a Visa. They need a visa for working in USA.

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