Designer Sunglasses – Say No To Sunrays and Yes To Style

Designer Sunglasses - Say No To Sunrays and Yes To Style

Now that you can take a walk, have a drink on a terrace and start to glimpse your summer vacation, it is time to think about your new sunglasses. Do you already know what to take this year? Don’t worry, because below, we will detail the main trends of this season. Guess what?

The style of sunglasses you loved and wore for many years might not be the best for you right now. Adult faces change with age. They plump up or lose weight with weight gain or loss or become more flaccid or double chin due to gravity, time, and hormonal changes. The frame you are wearing is most likely too big, too small, too narrow, too wide, or too dull for your face. You can buy online sunglasses according to your choice and style.

The future is here

Futuristic glasses with rimless frames, one-piece, straight lines, and XXL mirrored lenses make their way into the present and become a style brand for the most daring and pioneers of fashion, those who carry the trends on the street. Do you dare with the glasses of the future?

Woman with futuristic glasses

Shaded or “shadow” crystals

It is the season trend, and it will be seen with all kinds of frames and styles; these are degraded lenses that go from a dark color to a lighter one.

New opportunity at 70

Retro-style glasses come and go; they never leave. In 2020, it is the turn of the ’70s, and that style and personality characterize this iconic era. If you like to combine current trends with yesterday’s accessories, opt for large oval or square glasses with plastic frames. They will never go out of style. The size of the sunglasses and the face must be in sync. Today, many women like the chic look of large frames but make the mistake of choosing sunglasses that are too wide or merely gigantic. Frames – even larger ones – should never go beyond the outer edges of the face.

Fine and metallic

They arrived last year and decided to stay one more year; these are thin and metallic frames in gold, silver, or copper, with medium or small-sized lenses and geometric shapes. If you did not jump in the first pass, here is a new opportunity to join this trend!

Metallic sunglasses

Elegant and unique, the most basic colors come together this spring-summer to give color to the sunglasses. The black and white combination frame and lenses or in the same frame with bold prints.

Oversize for your eyes too

If sweaters, coats, and, in general, “maxi” garments have been worn this winter, now is the turn to extend this trend to accessories such as sunglasses—extra-large frames and lenses for the most stylish and the shyest.

Pastel crystals

The colored crystals are present every summer, but the shades vary. Pastel tones predominate; pinks, yellows, oranges, and delicate greens combined with metallic frames take us back to the 70s.

Woman with metal glasses and pastel glasses

The world of sunglasses is infinite, and every year new trends emerge, or some of the past is recovered.

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