Call of Blue Light Glasses : Modern Hazard

Walking on the streets or travelling by public transport, you might have noticed a certain phenomena over the years. Everybody is at it and you will hardly find anyone doing without. Do you know what I am talking about? It is the smartphones i am talking about. Most people are glued to their screens and just cannot let go, even if they know the harms of it. I am not talking about the urban isolation, but the blue light emanating from these screens. This light is extremely harmful causing strain on your eyes and making them dry. This phenomena gave rise to blue light glasses which are helpful in blocking the harmful rays coming out of the screen. 

These blue light blocking glasses aren’t only meant to be used against mobile phones but also against laptop screens which we usually sit in front of to work. While working, we forget that our eyes need rest as well; most times you will find yourself rubbing the eyes and going to wash them. That is because of the strain blue light glasses put on your eyes. 

Is blue light harmful for your eyes and health?

Let me put it this way; our bodies follow a circadian rhythm and when the sun goes down, our body starts producing melatonin which induces sleep. If you use mobile phones or laptops after dark, the blue light emitting from these screens will cause your brain to stay awake and reduce the production of this hormone. That might even cause sleepless nights and a disruption in sleep-wake schedule. 

If we are to talk about eyes, blue light will cause undue stress on your eyes making them dry and even causing headaches.

What is the way to protect against blue light?

Well, most eyewear companies now manufacture blue light blocking glasses to wear while working on these digital screens. If you spend most of your time working with laptops or smartphones, you should go for a pair fitted with blue light glasses.

You can even get blue light glasses fitted in your specs frame by an optician. These glasses can be single visioned, used as a varifocal lens or non-prescriptive. It will not harm your area of vision nor it is hard to get adjusted to. The color of the lens might differ from the normal lenses but you won’t notice a earth-shattering difference.

If you do not want to get rid of your current specs frame, you can order blue light glasses online. If prescribed lenses are what you wear, you can upload the prescription and order a pair to be delivered. You can then ask an optician to reglaze glasses on your current frame. As simple as that.

Are there any natural ways to avoid blue light?

Well, the only way is to take frequent gaps from staring at the screen and looking far away for a few seconds. That is done to change the focus of your eyesight and help it exercise and relax. Our schedules keep us engrossed to the digital screens, one can’t always remember to do this exercise and that too at a frequent rate. The sun consists of a whole lot more blue light but that is natural and helps affect your health positively. 

The Way Forward

There is significant research proving that elongated hours in front of the screen can cause extensive damage to your retina. That is reason enough to go for blue light blocking glasses over any other pair of lenses. We live in a futuristic world, where technology can prove to be either a boon or a bane; make sure you are on the right side of it.