Designer Sunglasses – Say No To Sunrays and Yes To Style

Designer Sunglasses - Say No To Sunrays and Yes To Style

Now that you can take a walk, have a drink on a terrace and start to glimpse your summer vacation, it is time to think about your new sunglasses. Do you already know what to take this year? Don't worry, because below, we will detail the main trends

Top 9 Frameworks Developers Are Using for AR App Development in 2020

Top 9 Frameworks Developers Are Using for AR App Development in 2020

Gone are the days when the augmented reality was only considered as entertainment technology. At present, AR has entered into almost every field, including eCommerce, Retail, Gaming, Industrial & Medical Procedures, and Marketing & Advertising. Businesses are using AR to deliver real-life experiences to their customers. The growing use of

What To Get Her For Her Birthday

Nano jewellery birthday gift for her

So it’s that time of the year again. A very important time in the life of your loved one. It’s her birthday and you cannot figure out what to get her. Well, it happens all the time to all men. When it comes to picking out the perfect gift for the

What Not To Do When Buying Office Furniture?

What Not To Do When Buying Office Furniture

Planning to buy furniture for your office? It is unquestionably a challenging task and perhaps as daunting as buying furniture for your home. After all, the employees and other people working in the office may give you the best results in terms of their performance or efficiency only if they

How Social Media Is Affecting Young Girls

How Social Media Is Affecting Young Girls

Many parents of our young generation are always worried about the fact that how more exposure to technology can do easily affects the young generation, as well as toddlers also. Most of the kids are spending their time while being a sticker or glued to their own places

Tourist Places To Visit In Srinagar


Srinagar is one of the finest places for holidays if you love to get close to nature.  Being the largest city of the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, the summer capital has to offer much more than scenic beauty and cultural heritage.  This city is popular among tourists

Positive & Negative Side Effects of Technology: How to Deal with Both

Positive & Negative Side Effects of Technology

This is the most accepted fact that technology is the foremost need of today’s world. Nowadays there is not a single home that is left with the influence of technology. Almost every family has a laptop, smartphone, Wi-Fi, Tablet, Computer, and television. Without any doubt, these technologies have made our

Benefits of AI in the manufacturing industry

The increasing market of subsides, there is a rise in demand for customized, unique and personalized products over standard products. The customers also expect to give the lowest prices and get the best products. However, poor demand forecasting, capacity planning, supply chain bottlenecks, unexpected equipment failures, and downtimes and inefficient

The Easiest Option to Have Quality Customer Interaction

chat boot

The sector of e-commerce is growing rapidly. Every day new business starts in this field and try to reach new heights. In the past few years a lot of e-commerce businesses have developed and change the trend of shopping in the market. With the growth of business every business needs

Steps To Choose The Ideal Bollard For Parking Spaces

Parking Spaces

Whenever you enter the parking area, the first thing that you’ll notice is the installation of the bollards. You’ll see some bollards arranged in different columns and rows to direct the traffic and guide you about the space. Right from malls to commercial places, bollards can be seen