9apps: An application for all kinds of entertainment

An application for all kinds of entertainment

All the digital device users these days rely on applications for almost everything and that is the reason why a normal person will have approximately 25 to 30 applications in their device. Therefore there is a need for a place from where one can download every type of application safely and securely. This is where 9apps come into the scene, as one can download communication apps, entertainment apps, wallpapers, songs, ringtones, 9apps games, etc from this one-click application. Today millions of users all across the globe use this app and is enjoying its huge collection of apps.

What is compatibility?

9apps is one of the easiest to use app stores as one can download and start using it without any subscription. Also one will not have to watch unnecessary ads while surfing through the app store. It is only available for Android devices, therefore, one will have to if one has an Apple product till it gets launched for that platform too. it is compatible with only Android version 4.0.3 and above. It is also a lightweight app of only approx 2.5 MB means it will not hog up a lot of space of one’s device.

How to download 9apps on one’s device?

This application is not available in the google play store, therefore, one will have to download it from its official website as an apk file. Before downloading the app, one will have to go to one’s mobiles downloading settings and allow the option of downloading apps from third-party unknown sources.

After this one shall go to the official website of the 9apps and click on the download link, soon the file will be downloaded and then one will have to go to the download location and install the app onto one’s device. It will ask if it can access one setting and one should okay the option, and done. The app is ready to use.

What are the features of 9apps?

There are several amazing features which make 9apps way more easy and fun to use among others like:

Entertainment hub: in this fun zone one can find several songs, videos, certain tv shows, and even some movies. Also if one is a huge fan of different wallpapers and ringtones, then this fin zone is for them. Downloading them is super easy, and also one can be sure of complete safety.

• Games: one can download almost every 9apps games available which are compatible for android platform. These games are free, and also one can get an early update on these games too.

• Huge app collection: there are almost over 10 million applications available in the 9apps app store. They are all perfectly categorized under different sections so that one will not have to spend a lot of time searching the apps.

• Compare prices: this is one of the latest features, as one can compare prices of the products that are available on different E-commerce apps using the apps comparison feature. Whenever one is searching for a certain product on an E-commerce app, there will be a pop-up about its price on other apps.