4 Ways to Encourage an Environmentally Conscious Workplace

4 Ways to Encourage an Environmentally Conscious Workplace

One of the growing problems of the modern world is climate change. There are many actions people can take to help resolve the problem or at least prevent it from escalating any further. For example, they can take responsibility for their actions. This means, adopting an eco-friendly mindset not only in their homes but also in the workplace. If you are a small business owner, you can set an example for your employees. Here are four ways for you to encourage an environmentally conscious workplace.

Office Plants

The easiest way to start encouraging an eco-friendly work environment is by literally going green. This means you should put plants all over the office. Numerous studies emphasize all the advantages plants have in a closed space. Firstly, they are the most natural air purifiers that exist. Employees spend hours every day in a small and closed space. If they don’t air out the offices regularly, they can lose focus. Office plants purify the air helping employees focus better and work harder. Plants such as Weeping Fig, Philodendron, and Boston Fern can also help reduce any radiation technological devices emit. Secondly, plants look decorative and make both employees and clients feel comfortable in the workplace.

Paper Waste 

One of the main causes of climate change is deforestation. Paper manufacturers cut down hundreds of thousands of different kinds of trees every day and turn them into paper products to supply companies all over the world. That is why the number of forests on a global level significantly decreases day in day out. What most entrepreneurs don’t realize is how much paper waste their employees produce every year. What is even more unfortunate is that they don’t bother exploring other options.

Thanks to technology and the Internet, all files can be prepared and saved in their digital forms instead of being printed all the time. In fact, entrepreneurs can manage their entire companies online without having to use paper at all. For example, they can pick an intranet for business communication. They can also use this channel to share digital copies of manuals, guidebooks, and other documents. Additionally, this platform can be used for marketing purposes, so business owners have numerous business aspects in one place. Instead of printing promotional posters and leaflets, they can make digital ones and share them across different social media networks. 

Healthy Living 

Stress is an inevitable part of the modern world. It is also the main trigger for most diseases. That is why managers should also encourage and promote healthy living as a part of raising awareness of environmental protection. The easiest way to encourage healthy living is by offering incentives to employees for using public transportation. Instead of using their cars to come to work every day, employees can ride a bike or use public transportation thus reducing their carbon footprint. If they decide to ride a bike, it will also help them stay fit and healthy. Similarly, employers should promote a healthy diet around the workplace. Instead of making junk food available in the office, employers can replace them with healthy meals and snacks such as fresh fruits, sugar-free juices, hot beverages, and water.


Companies and small businesses have high electricity and water utilities. To encourage environmentally conscious workplace, employers should cut down their expenses. They can start with electricity. The first person to enter the office should turn on the AC or the heating, while the last person the leave it should make sure to turn it off along with all the lights. The same goes for PCs, laptops, tablets, and other pieces of equipment. Employees can put them on standby or in hibernation mode whenever they aren’t using them.  

Heating, AC, or lights should never be left on overnight because it is an enormous waste of energy and a huge expense. Additionally, if possible, employers should always use energy-efficient light bulbs because they last longer, cost less, and save money and the environment. If their budget allows it, employers can also use energy-saving fridges or any other appliances with similar characteristics. Moreover, they can take advantage of solar power if possible and reduce electricity expenses. 

However, if they only equip the workplace with energy-efficient appliances, it won’t be enough. They have to educate employees on how to protect the environment and save energy. Only then will the implementation of eco-friendly strategy have a full effect on the work environment and employees. 

In the end, climate change has been a serious problem for years now. To protect the environment and combat this problem, everyone should do their part. Employers can set an example and pave the way for the development of more eco-friendly workplaces.

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